Sony SRS-XB13 Bluetooth speaker review

Shrewd speakers are assuming control Over our market. From a two-year-old kid to a 80-year old, everybody is accustomed to asking Alexa or Google Assistant for playing their #1 tracks, and with such speakers getting moderate constantly, they may give off an impression of being the sole decision for individuals searching for a spending speaker. It might appear as though the world is going towards shrewd speakers, yet a conventional Bluetooth speaker is as yet not dead.

Sony SRS-XB13 Bluetooth speaker review

The latest demonstration of that is Sonys SRS-XBIS Bluetooth speaker. Estimated at Rs 4,990, this gadget isn’t unquestionably the furthest down the line expansion to Sony’s sound reach yet in addition is their most moderate contribution of the year up until now. We invested some energy with the gadget to know whether it has the stuff to be your next buy and here is our survey:


The three words that summarize how we feel about the vibes of the sony SRS-XBI5 Bluetooth speaker are reduced, vivid, and adorable.

It’s anything but a little convenient Bluetooth speaker that can be set anyplace in a room ora ledge or even utilized outside and will not occupy any room at al. It is 7.45cm wide and 9.45 cm high. It’s anything but a load of a little more than 25 grams all playing to its solidarity for presenting a defense your go-to speaker. The foundation of the gadget is made from elastic to give it security to stay away from development from vibration.

Sony SRS-XB13 Bluetooth speaker review

As far as decisions, Sony offers the SRS-XB13 Bluetooth speaker in six shading choices Coral Pink, Lemon Yellow, Light Blue, Taupe, Black, and Power Blue contribution a wide reach to fulfill practically all cravings, basically as far as looks. It houses five catches power, Bluetooth, play/stop, volume up, and volume down-which are very fundamental and fundamental. You additionally get a Type-C port for added availability and for charging needs.

Generally, it’s anything but a charming piece of a device. You get a removable tie with the speaker so you can tie it up or hang it up as the need emerges.


Taking a gander at the Sony SRS-XB13 Bluetooth speaker’s size you may feel that you ought not expect a lot from it as how amazing a speaker of its size can be. However, a fast starting up of the gadget shows you that it is undeniably more remarkable than what it shows. Sony has prepared the SRS-XB13 Bluetooth speaker with Sound Diffusion Processor for 360-degree sound. It additionally gloats of a uninvolved radiator that helps the gadget in giving bass a lift.

As far as sound insight, you get clear vocals and punchy bass-which are very great given its size. You should remember that for a Bluetooth speaker of this size, the extent of conveying a differed sound encounter is clearly restricted. Indeed, even at the most significant levels of volume, there was negligible to no bending of sound, which is another beneficial thing about this gadget.

The Sony SRS-XBI5 hOuses a 46 mm distance across speaker size that has a trequency transmission scope of 20 Hz-20,000 Hz.

Another additional usefulness of the gadget is that it is IP67, which implies that it is waterproof and residue verification.

Battery-wise, you get a guaranteed battery life of 16 hours, however that may change on volume levels.

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